Camera Support from Gimbals, Tripods and More

Gearhead Rentals is a production equipment rental company in Upstate NY with a comprehensive range of camera support rentals to meet all your filmmaking needs. We understand the importance of having reliable camera support to achieve stable and smooth shots, which is why we offer a wide selection of high-quality equipment, including camera gimbals, camera high hats, camera sticks, tripod heads, and more.

Steadicams, Ready Rigs, and Car Mounts

Our camera support rentals are designed to cater to a variety of shooting styles and requirements. Whether you need a gimbal for rent to capture dynamic and fluid movements, a steady tripod for precise and stable shots, or a versatile camera high hat or camera stick for unique camera angles, we have the equipment to suit your needs. Gearhead also offers specialty items such as Steadicams, Ready Rig rentals, and car mounts to provide additional support for any film or video production.

We can help with your next production. Our team understands the complexity of film and television production and have all the gear that it requires.

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