Production Dolly Rental

Gearhead Rentals has you covered if you’re looking for camera dollies for dynamic camera shots on your film, television or video production set. We carry the most popular options for dolly rentals, including dollies from Fisher, like the J.L. Fisher 10, J.L. Fisher 11 and Fisher Accessories Cart; Matthews dollies like the Round-d-Round and Doorway Dolly; and Hollywood Dollies and Hollywood Micro Dollies.

Dollies for Rent

Camera dollies are designed to provide smooth and stable movement for cameras, allowing filmmakers to create visually compelling shots. They typically consist of a platform or carriage that holds the camera, and wheels or tracks that allow the dolly to move smoothly along a predetermined path. Call Gearhead Rentals for all of your production dolly rental needs!

Tracks and Wheels

Gearhead also has a full complement of tracks and wheels for smooth camera movements, such as Porta Glide Wheels, 32 Wheel Dolly Sleds, Matthews SS Dolly Tracks (straight and curved), and FilmAir Dolly Tracks. Dolly tracks can be an essential component on a production set. All tracks offered by Gearhead are made of sturdy, reliable metal and come in various lengths to accommodate different shooting locations and requirements. The tracks provide a smooth surface for the dolly wheels and sleds to roll on, ensuring precise and controlled camera movements.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for – just call!