Gearhead Rentals has all your electric distribution needs covered, from stingers and quad box extensions to splitters, dimmers, and distro boxes. We offer a variety of both pass through and non pass through distro boxes from 300 amps to 1200 amps. These include Camlock distro boxes, also known as a distribution box or electric distribution box – a portable electrical device used to safely distribute power from a single source to multiple outlets or devices. All our distro boxes consists of a sturdy enclosure with multiple input and output connectors, and are designed to handle high electrical loads.

Camlock Distro Boxes

The term “Camlock” refers to the type of connectors used in these boxes. Camlock connectors, also known as cam and groove connectors, are commonly used in electrical distribution systems due to their ease of use, durability, and ability to handle high currents. Camlock connectors feature a male and female end that can be easily locked together by rotating the male end and inserting it into the female end, providing a secure and reliable connection.

Distribute Power Safely with the Right Equipment

Distro boxes are commonly used on set where temporary power distribution is needed. They are used to safely distribute power from a generator or a power source to multiple outlets, such as electrical panels, lights, camera, and audio devices, in a controlled and organized manner. If you’re not sure what electric distribution you need for your production, we can recommend the right solution from the huge inventory in Electric Department.

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