Gaffer Grip
Putty Knife With Baby Pin
Chain Vice Grip
Chain Vice Grip With Baby Pin

10″ Suction Cup Mount With Cheeseplate
Concave Plate With Junior Pin
Concave Plate With Baby Pin

Jr C Clamp
Baby C Clamp
Speed C Clamp

Speed Rail Wall Spreaders
2×4 Wall Spreader Kits
2×6 Wall Spreader Kits

Balin Bracket
2×4 Jr Slider
2×6 Jr Slider

Speed Rail Corners
Speed Rail Ears
Speed Rail Couplers

Hollaender Short Barrel Cross
Hollaender Floor Flanges
Hollaender Split Cross
Hollaender Swivel
Hollaender Elbow
Hollaender Modified Cross
Hollaender Offset Cross
Hollaender Tee
Hollaender Adjustable Fitting

End Jaw Cardellini
Mid Jaw Cardellini
Right Angle Cardellini Clamp

Mafer Clamp
Duck Bill Clamp
Baby Grid Clamp
Jr Grid Clamp
Drop Celling Scissor Clamps
Drop Celling Cable Clamps
Furniture Clamps
Furniture Clamp Pins

Kino Clamps
Flip Out Baby Floor Stands
Norms Pins
Mombo Combo Wheel Kits
Combo Wheel Kits

#1 Spring Clamps
#2 Spring Clamps
#3 Spring Clamps

T Bones
Jr Reciever Grid Clamp
Male / Female 3/8 Cheeseboro
Swivel Cheeseboro Clamps
Fixed Cheeseboro Clamps
Dual Truss Makers
Triangle Truss Makers
Speed Rail To Wall Plate

Tent Stakes
Bull Prick
Speed Clip Set

MSE Hollywood Hangers
Single Pully
Double Pully

Sound Blankets
Tennis Ball

45 Degree Baby Cheater
90 Degree Baby Cheater

Baby Side Arm
Baby Offset Arm
Jr Side Arm
Jr Offset Arm

Baby Double Header
Baby Triple Header
Jr Triple Header
2.5″ Grip Head
Dual 2.5″ Grip Heads
4.5″ Grip Head
Short Grip Arm
Long Grip Arm
Film Tools Micro Grip Set

Menace Arm Kits
Baby Boom Arms

Baby Nail On Plate
Jr Nail On Plate

Candle Sticks
Speed Rail Condor Brackets
Short Trombones
Long Trombones

Jr To Baby Pin Adaptors
1/4 20 Threaded Baby Pin

Big Bens
Baby Bens


1′ Aluminum Pipe
2′ Aluminum Pipe
3′ Aluminum Pipe
4′ Aluminum Pipe
5′ Aluminum Pipe
6′ Aluminum Pipe
7′ Aluminum Pipe
8′ Aluminum Pipe
10′ Aluminum Pipe
12′ Aluminum Pipe
13′ Aluminum Pipe
15′ Aluminum Pipe
16′ Aluminum Pipe
20′ Aluminum Pipe


4′ Ladder
6′ Ladder
8′ Ladder
10′ Ladder
12′ Ladder
14′ Ladder
Extension Ladder


Full Apple Box
Half Apple Box
Quarter Apple Box
Pancake Apple Box
Nested Apple Box sets
Small Elephant Block Set
Large Elephant Block Set
Step Blocks
Cup Blocks


Mini Sledge Hammer
Dewalt Screw Gun
Skill Saw
Tree Saw
4 Foot Level
15 lb. Sand Bags
25 lb. Sand Bags
35 lb. Sand Bags
Garden Rake
Metal Rake
Pic Axe
Push Broom

Grip Hardware

As a production equipment rental company, Gearhead Rentals provides a comprehensive range of grip hardware to meet all your production needs. From clamps, mounts, and rigging equipment to specialized grip tools and accessories, our grip hardware inventory is carefully curated to ensure that you have the right tools for the job.

Reliable Grip Supplies

Our grip supplies are sourced from trusted brands and meticulously maintained to ensure their quality and reliability on set. With our flexible rental options and knowledgeable staff, you can confidently rely on our grip hardware and grip supplies to support your production and bring your creative vision to life. Contact us today to explore our wide selection of grip hardware and reserve the equipment you need for your next production.

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