1/4 Minus Green
1/2 Minus Green
Full Minus Green
1/8 Plus Green
1/4 Plus Green
1/2 Plus Green
Full Plus Green
Nd 3
Nd 6
Nd 9
Nd 1.2
Cto + Nd 3
Cto + Nd 6
Cto + Nd 9
1/8 Cto
1/4 Cto
1/2 Cto
Full Cto
1/8 Cts
1/4 Cts
1/2 Cts
Full Cts
1/8 Ctb
1/4 Ctb
1/2 Ctb
Full Ctb
1/2 Soft Frost
Heavy Frost
1/4 Grid Cloth
Lite Grid Cloth
Full Grid Cloth
1/2 Spun
Full Spun
Sodium Vapor
Hi Sodium
Urban Vapor
Thermal Shield
Trace Paper


Black Electrical Tape 3/4″ 66 Ft
White Electrical Tape
Red Electrical Tape
Blue Electrical Tape
Green Electrical Tape
(More Colors Available Upon Request)
Multi Pack Electrical Tape
Multi Pack Electrical Tape Black Only
3/4″ White Paper Tape
3/4″ Black Paper. Tape
1″ Black Paper Tape
1″ White Paper Tape
1″ Blue Paper Tape
1″ Orange Paper Tape
1″ Red Paper Tape
1″ Green Paper Tape
2″ Small Core Matte Black Paper Tape
2″ Jlar Tape
2″ White Paper Tape Large Core
2″ White Paper Tape Low Tack
2″ Black Paper Tape Large Core
2″ Black Gaffers Tape
2″ Grey Gaffers Tape
2″ White Gaffers Tape
2″ Double Sided Carpet Tape
Caution Tape Roll 300 Ft
Caution Tape Roll 1000 Ft
4″ Black Gaffers Tape
4″ Chroma Blue Foam Tape
4″ Chroma Green Foam Tape
Joes Stickey Stuff


.5 Spring Clamp
#1 Spring Clamp
#2 Spring Clamp
#3 Spring Clamp
Binder Clips Med
Binder Clips Large
White Zip Ties
Black Zip Ties


#6 Sash Cord White
#6 Sash Cord Black
#8 Sash Cord White
#8 Sash Cord Black
#10 Sash Cord White
#10 Sash Cord Black
Black Trick Line
White Trick Line


Streaks And Tips
Spray Adhesive
Dulling Spray
Black Spray Paint
White Spray Paint
Glass Cleaner
Trash Bags
Paper Towels
Hazer Fluid
Fog Fluid
Bailing Wire
Cello Roll
Black Wrap
Black Visqueen
C47 Pack Of 50
Medium Binder Clips
Large Binder Clips
Tennis Balls
Baby Powder
Aluminum Foil
Grip Chain Roll
Bnc Barrel
Microfiber Cloth 4 Pack
Kim Tech Wipes
Pancro Lens Cleaner
Dust Off
Dust Off Refill
Marks A Lot Black Marker W/Eraser 4 Pack
Marks A Lot Black Marker
Slate Eraser
P Touch Label Tape
AAA Bats
AA Bats
9 Volt Bats
Space Blanket
Bag It Small
Bag It Med
Bag It Large
Cotton Diapers
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Paper Lanterns
Sockets for Lantern Lock
8ft Table
6ft Table
Folding Chairs
Directors Chairs – tall and short
Electric Heaters
Propane Heaters
Propane Tanks
Cones – tall and short
Trash Can
Clothing Rack
Rubber Based Carpets
Box Fan
Tent Sides
Safety Vests
Hard Hats
Hand Sanatizing Stands / Dispensers
Gas Can
Diesel Can
Broom / Dust Pan


15amp Professional Grade Female Plug
15amp Professional Grade Male Plug
Add A Tap Female
Add A Tap Male
Triple Tap Outdoor Orange
Black Cube Tap
Edison Ground Lifter
Light Socket Adaptor
Cable Ramps
12/3 Black Wire
White Zip Cord Roll
Black Zip Cord Roll
Brown Zip Cord Roll


B10 Chandelier Bulbs
#1 Blue Photoflood Bulb
#1 White Photoflood Bulb
#2 Blue Photoflood Bulb
#2 White Photoflood Bulb
#211 Bulb
#212 Bulb
#213 Bulb
25w Blue Bulb
Practical 40w Bulb Daylight
Practical 60w Bulb Daylight
Practical 75w Bulb Daylight
Practical 15w Bulb Tungsten
Practical 25w Bulb Tungsten
Practical 40w Bulb Tungsten
Practical 45w Bulb Tungsten
Practical 60w Bulb Tungsten
Practical 75w Bulb Tungsten
Practical 100w Bulb Tungsten


4×4 Black Foam Core
4×4 White Foam Core
4×8 White Foam Core
4×8 Black Foam Core
4×8 Gator Board White
4×8 Gator Board Black
4×8 Beadboard
Blue Show Card
Brown Show Card
Dark Blue Show Card
Gold Show Card
Green / Olive Showcard
Silver Show Card
True Blue / Chroma Blue Showcard
White Show Card
12′ Black Seamless
12′ Grey Seamless
12′ White Seamless
9′ Artic White Roll
9′ Blue Jean Roll
9′ Grey Roll
9′ Pure White Roll
8′ Baby Blue Roll
8′ Tulip Roll


Duvetyne Standard
Duvetyne Standard Full Bat
Duvetyne Commando Cloth
Bleached Muslin 108″
Unbleached Muslin Multiple Sizes
Black Visqueen 20 X 100
Black Visqueen 10 X 100


4×8 Masonite
4×8 Plywood

Gearhead Rentals, LLC has a well stocked inventory of expendables; the essential consumable items used on film sets that are necessary for day-to-day operations. Our inventory of expendables includes a wide range of high-quality and reliable products, such as gaffer tape, grip tape, lighting gels, and other small items that are commonly used in the film production industry.

We understand the importance of having a well-stocked supply of expendables on set to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Our expendables are carefully selected to meet industry standards and are regularly replenished to provide you with the items you need to keep your production running smoothly.

Stop by and browse our retail shop. We even have great Gearhead swag!