Arri Fresnels and HMI Lighting Rentals

Gearhead Rentals offers a wide selection of Arri Fresnel and other HMI lights for rent. Arri is a premier brand in the film and video production industry known for their high-quality, durable, and reliable lighting fixtures. We carry the Arri M Series, Arri Compact Fresnels, Arri Arrilux “Pocket Par”, and a series of Arri Arrisun Pars. We also have Mole Richardson, LTM and other HMI lights available as well.

Daylight-balanced Light

HMI lights produce a bright, daylight-balanced light that closely resembles natural sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor shoots, large-scale productions, and other situations where high-output, color-accurate lighting is required. HMI lights are known for their high color accuracy, typically with a color temperature around 5600 Kelvin, which closely matches the color temperature of daylight.

Highly Efficient Power Usage

One of the key advantages of HMI lights is their high output-to-wattage ratio, which means they produce a lot of light relative to their power consumption. This makes them highly efficient and capable of providing powerful illumination for a wide range of applications. HMI lights are commonly used for key lighting, fill lighting, and other types of lighting in film, TV, and commercial productions, as well as for outdoor shoots where natural-looking daylight is desired.

Fresnels, Pars and HMI Lighting Rentals

Our HMI lights are available in various wattages, sizes, and configurations, including Fresnel lights, PAR lights, and other types of fixtures, offering versatility and flexibility in lighting setups. Contact us to learn more about our HMI lighting rentals and how we can support your production with our high-quality lighting equipment.

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