Jokers from K5600 Lighting

K5600 Lighting is a leading manufacturer of lighting fixtures for the film industry. Their Joker series is a popular line of portable, daylight-balanced HMI lighting fixtures. Additionally, the Joker fixtures have high light output, versatility, and ease of use. So it’s no surprise that Gearhead Rentals offers many variations that come in different wattages, including the Joker 200W, the Joker 300 LED, and Joker 5600 adapters. Jokers are often used in location lighting, interviews, and other on-set lighting needs.

Joker 200W, Joker 400W, and Joker 800W

The Joker 200W, 400W and 800W within K5600 Lighting’s Joker series are portable, daylight-balanced HMI lighting fixture with a specific watt output. Also, they are compact, have high light output, and are versatile, making them all suitable for various lighting applications on set.

Joker 300 LED

Another model K5600 Lighting’s Joker series is the Joker 300 LED. The Joker 300 LED which differs from the traditional HMI fixtures as it utilizes LED technology instead of HMI bulbs. Also, it has high-quality color rendering, energy efficiency, and versatility in a compact form factor.

Here are some reasons to consider Jokers for your film production:

High output

Joker lights are light output lights, which allows them to provide ample illumination for various film production scenarios, from location shoots to studio setups. Additionally, this makes them suitable for lighting large areas or creating powerful, concentrated beams of light when needed.


The K5600 lights are also daylight-balanced; Jokers produce a color temperature similar to natural daylight. So this means these lights are well-suited for outdoor shoots or for matching with existing daylight sources. This is inportant since consistent color temperature is crucial in film production to ensure accurate color reproduction and maintain visual continuity.


Jokers are lightweight and compact, making them highly portable and easy to transport on location shoots or to different sets. This makes them popular choices for run-and-gun or mobile production setups where mobility and ease of setup are essential.


The Joker 300 LED model, in particular, utilizes LED technology, which is known for its energy efficiency compared to traditional HMI fixtures. LED lighting fixtures generally consume less power, generate less heat, and have longer lamp life, which can result in cost savings and lower environmental impact.

Trusted brand

K5600 Lighting has a long-standing reputation in the film industry for producing high-quality lighting fixtures that are widely used by professionals. Their Joker series has been used in numerous film productions and is often relied upon for its performance and reliability.

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