Light and Support Stands, Arms and Booms

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20″ C-Stand
30″ C Stand
40″ C-Stand
40″ C Stand Black
Matthews Preemie Stand
Aluminum Double Riser Beefy Baby Stand
Aluminum Triple Riser Beefy Baby Stand
Steel Triple Riser Beefy Baby Stand
Light Weight Aluminum Baby Stand

Low Boy Combi Stand
Rolling Low Boy Combi Stand
Mathews Slider Stand
American Dana Dolly Stand
Steel Rolling Double Riser Baby Stand
Steel Rolling Triple Riser Baby Stand

Double Riser Aluminum Combi Stand

Double Riser Steel Reflector Stand
Double Riser Steel Combi Stand
Rolling Double RiserSteel Combi Stand
Triple Riser Steel Reflector Stand
Triple Riser Steel Combi Stand
Rolling Triple RiserSteel Combi Stand

Combi Stand Wheel Kit
Hi Hi Roller Stand
Mombo Combo Stand

Mathews Crank-O-Vator
Mathews Super Crank-O-Vator
Mathews Cine Vator


Baby Side Arm
Junior Side Arm
Small, Medium Large Auto Pole
Baby Boom
Menace Arm Kit w/ Speed Rail

Light Stands, Support Stands, Arms and Booms

At our production equipment rental company, we offer a wide range of light and support stands to meet the needs of any production. From versatile c-stands, arms and booms that provide sturdy support for lights, cameras, audio and other equipment, to heavy-duty options designed for larger setups, our inventory includes a variety of options to suit your requirements. Whether you need combi stands for a film production, or preemie stands for a compact setup, our rental service allows you to access reliable support stands without the hassle of ownership. Our team of experts can help you choose the right stands for your production needs, ensuring that you have the stability and flexibility necessary to achieve professional results.

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