LED Lights Rentals from All the Best Brands

Gearhead Rentals offers a wide range of premium LED lights for rent, including popular brands such as Aputure, ARRI, Astera, Litepanels, Nanlite, Quasar Science, and more. LED lights are a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution that is widely used in the film and video production industry due to their excellent color accuracy, adjustable color temperature, and high output.

Daylight LED and Customizable Color Temperatures

Our inventory includes a variety of LED lights suitable for different production needs, from small on-camera lights to larger fixtures for studio or location lighting setups. We offer daylight LED lights, which provide natural and balanced lighting for outdoor shoots or replicating daylight conditions, as well as bi-color or RGBW LED lights that allow for customizable color temperature and creative lighting effects.

Control Light Output with Light Tubes

We also have specialty LED lights available, such as light tubes, LiteGear LED lights, Litemats, and Quasar lights, which are popular choices for creating unique lighting setups, accent lighting, and achieving creative lighting designs. These LED fixtures are lightweight, easy to mount, and provide excellent versatility in shaping and controlling light output.

The Highest Quality LED Lights

Our production LED lights are sourced from reputable manufacturers and are regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance and reliability on set. We understand the importance of having reliable and high-quality lighting equipment for your production, and our LED lights are carefully selected to meet the demands of professional filmmakers and videographers.

Achieve the Perfect Lighting for Your Production

Our experienced team is available to provide guidance and support in choosing the right LED lights for your production, based on your requirements and creative vision. With our extensive selection of LED lights and dedicated customer service, you can trust us to provide the lighting solutions you need for your video production projects.

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