Lighting Department

LED, HMI, Tungsten, Jokers, Kino Flo and Accessories

The Gearhead Rentals Lighting Department offers a wide range of professional lighting equipment rentals for all your production needs. Our inventory includes a comprehensive selection of lighting gear, camera and lighting accessories, and specialized lighting fixtures for film production. Whether you’re an experienced Gaffer or you need some assistance choosing your lighting gear, we can help with your next production. We understand the complexity of lighting a set and the support gear that it requires.

A Huge Inventory of Lighting Rentals and Lighting Accessories

We understand that lighting is a crucial aspect of cinematography, and our lighting department is well-equipped to cater to the needs of camera and lighting crews. Our lighting equipment rentals include a wide range of lighting fixtures, such as LED lights, HMI lights, Fresnel lights, Tungsten lights, Jokers and Kino Flo. We also offer lighting accessories such as Chimeras, Litepanel and Rifa Lowel Softboxes, lanterns, grids, and light lenses and patterns.

Rental Lights for any Production

Our lighting rentals are suitable for various production settings, including studios and outdoor locations. Whether you need lighting equipment for a film shoot, TV production, commercial, or other video projects, our extensive inventory of lighting gear can cater to your needs. Our lighting equipment is well-maintained, reliable, and sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring optimal performance and quality. Our experienced team is also available to provide guidance and support in selecting the right lighting gear for your specific project and to ensure that you have the right tools to achieve your creative vision.

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